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2nd semester

Test Tube Party 28/2

On Wednesday 28 February, Chemix kicks off the new semester with the well-known Test Tube Party at ‘t Elixir! As chemical engineers, we are proud of our craft, and we love to share it with you in the form of jenever. So come and enjoy delicious jenevers in test tubes, fun music and a great atmosphere!
See you then!
Promo: 1 test tube shot = €1
Promo: 5 test tube shots = €4
DJ: Oscar Nollet & Jules Kips

1st semester

Aspen plus Workshop 27/10

Chemix organises an ASPEN Plus workshop for complete beginners which will be very useful in your studies and later in the work environment!
The event will be held on 27/10 from 8h30 – 10h30 in PC room 200C 01.03.
The workshop is given by students for students and a step-by-step guide will come out, helping you along the way to solve the exercises. The sections with useful tips, tricks and common errors will save you a lot of time and effort.


Janssen Interactive Career Day “Engineering the Future” 15/12

Warm invitation to our Master and PhD students of Chemical and Bioscience Engineering
Janssen Belgium kindly invites you to their Interactive Career Day “Engineering the Future” on Wednesday, November 15th. Join us on our campus in Beerse or Geel to learn more about our various engineering activities, gain insights into career opportunities and expand your network. We welcome all diverse talents from Chemical Engineering and Bio-Engineering, and other similar fields of study.
9 am to 5 pm 📍 Campus Beerse & Geel
– Opening speech by Strategy & Development Managers
(Isabel Vanlinthout | Pieter-Jan Goelen)
– Discover a Career with a Lasting World Impact
(Talent Acquisition)
– Sustainability at Janssen
(Bert Verstappen | Bert Heirman)
– Advanced Therapies | Launch & Grow Strategy
(Bie Van De Vloet | Peter Vervoort)
– Testimonial
(Kobe Naesens | Vicky Bruggeman)
– Campus Tour
– Interactive poster session
– Panel Session
– Networking opportunities

Seats are limited, so be sure to register quickly and before November 5th! The final agenda as well as practical information regarding transportation will be shared well in advance with all participants.

Beach Volleyball 

Excited for a sporty challenge and a dose of fun? Are you yearning for a summer feeling in these cold, rainy times? You’re in luck because our next sports activity is scheduled for Tuesday, November 7th: beach volleyball! So, put on your sports attire, practice those spikes, and get ready for a fantastic evening with your fellow students. we provide refreshing sports drinks for after the activity


Departemental Dinner 23/11

We’re thrilled to announce the return of the Departmental Dinner! Join us on November 23rd at the Don Bosco Centrum for a night of fun and chemical bonding(ionic, covalent or metallic). You’ll have the chance to mingle with your professors, test your wits with colleagues in an exciting quiz and dance the night away with your assistants. We can’t wait to have you with us for an evening filled with refreshing drinks, tasty meals and entertainment!

All students, professors, PhDs and personnel of the Department of Chemical Engineering (CIT) are welcome to join us on this wonderful evening! 

You can find the photos of the 2023 edition when clicking here.


Career Decision Evening 30/11

What does a day in the bulk chemicals industry, pharmaceutical industry and consultancy industry look like? In which functions will I be able to start as a chemical engineer and which career opportunities are there? How do I make a choice among all these chemical giants?

Every chemical engineering student has probably thought about these questions and therefore Chemix organizes the career decision evening on Thursday the 30th of November. This evening, we have invited several alumni to speak about their work experiences in the different sectors of the chemical industry. Each alumni will be at a different table to answer your questions and share their experiences at work. You can hear about the experiences of each alumni, thanks to a rotating system every few minutes. Do you have some extra questions, no problem there will be a reception afterwards where you will be able to speak again with these alumni.