Opportunities increase when you help others

Indaver – a European player with facilities and operations in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland – manages and treats industrial and household waste in specialist facilities for businesses, waste collectors and governments. We recover valuable raw materials from this waste that can replace primary raw materials. We supply the energy that is released during treatment to third parties. Consequently, we create value from waste. We also prevent contamination of the materials chain or food chain by destroying or detoxifying hazardous substances. This makes Indaver the ideal partner for helping to realise a sustainable circular economy.

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Air Liquide, a frontrunner for the energy transition

Air Liquide’s diversity of technologies and solutions in energy transition and environmental protection, reinforced by digital technologies and a structured open ecosystem, enables our innovation teams to contribute to the Group’s sustainable growth and achieve our objective of carbon neutrality by 2050. In 2022, Air Liquide devoted 100 million euros of innovation spending to the energy transition, particularly for the development of low-carbon hydrogen and biomethane. About €8 billion will be invested by 2035 in the low-carbon hydrogen value chain. We take pride in our commitment to grow and develop our young talents. Our graduate programs in different parts of the world provide opportunities in a variety of different positions within the Group. These programs serve as a springboard for your professional journey, allowing you to be a part of our diverse talent pool.

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